On-going larcenies from vehicles

As the holiday season approaches, the Auburn Police Department would like to remind the citizens of Auburn to be more conscientious about securing their vehicles at all times. Criminals are aware that as it gets closer to the Christmas season, there is a good chance there will be valuable items or gifts left in the vehicle. This potentially increased reward gives criminals more motivation to commit these acts.

A recent press release, which was sent out in June 2012, indicated that in the first half of 2012, there were 30 reported larcenies from vehicles. From July 1st until November 18th of this year, there have been an additional 52 larcenies from vehicles. The vast majority of these incidents occurred while the vehicle was left unlocked. October and November experienced the most instances. One possible explanation for this increase at this time of the year is the fact that it gets darker sooner, and criminals may obtain a sense of anonymity even earlier at night, giving them more time and opportunity.

Common items reported stolen are electronics (GPS navigation systems, Ipods), purses and wallets, and of course, loose change, often found in the center console.

Larcenies from vehicles are crimes of opportunity. If criminals notice a vehicle is locked, they are more likely than not to move on. Please take the time to make sure all of the doors are locked and windows are secured. If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, make sure they are hidden and out of sight, or even keep them in the trunk. It is also a good idea to write down the information on any electronics left in the vehicle, such as make, model and serial #. This will make it easier to locate your items in the event they are stolen and turn up in the future.

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