Stolen Property

The Auburn Police Department is currently working with citizens in an effort to reduce criminal activity involving pawning of stolen property. The below spreadsheet lists a description of stolen property reported to the Auburn Police Department. We try to update this spreadsheet as soon as possible. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of any of this property, please call the Auburn Police Department. Remember, all calls can remain anonymous.

Incident/Case #Date/Time ReportedTypeAddressItems Stolen/Missing
14-179688/26/2014 0831 hrsResidential - VehicleXX Orchard St.Diving knife with a 6" rubberized handle and 6" metal blade inside a purple plastic sheath
14-179638/26/2014 0507 hrsResidential - VehicleXX Van Anden St.Black Motorola portable radio with shoulder Mic, Model XTS-2500 V1.5, serial # 407CPD2009
14-178598/24/2014 2137 hrsResidentialXX Van Anden St.White HP Tablet, serial # byad82339464
14-175628/21/2014 0657 hrsCommerical - VehicleXXX State St.Verizon Wireless LG "G2" phone, serial # 9900025926791700
14-174508/19/2014 1518 hrsResidentialXXX Perrine Ave.PS3 (160 GB, serial # CF429970496); PS3 games (Call of Duty Ghost, Call of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Guitar Hero Metallica, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Guitar Hero 5; Grand Theft Auto 5); Turtle Beach T-11 Microphone
14-173258/17/2014 2229 hrsResidentialXX Sheridan St.PS3 with NHL 2014 in console
14-172978/17/2014 1512 hrsResidentialXX Franklin St.Red Schwinn mountain bike with vertical hand grips that come off the handlebars
14-169728/13/2014 0705 hrsResidentialXX Orchard St.29" Genesis Bicycle Black and gray frame, white rims and white seat
14-166408/08/2014 1648 hrsResidentialX Frances St.Roadmaster bicycle w/ one missing pedal and purple seat
14-166268/08/2014 1330 hrsResidentialXX Frances St.Boy's gray Mongoose bicycle
14-163898/05/2014 1306 hrsResidentialXX Thornton Ave.White and red BMX bike with red wheels and red pegs
14-163248/04/2014 1646 hrsResidentialXX Grant St.50" Plasma flat screen television. Unknown model (possibly Sylvania), unknown serial number
14-160528/01/2014 1023 hrsResidentialXX Cross St.Cliché skateboard - Adidas 8.0 with "Lucas" on bottom
14-159157/30/2014 1048 hrsResidentialXX Van Anden St.Brown and white Mongoose brand bicycle
14-159137/30/2014 0849 hrsResidentialX James St.Bicycle - metallic green 16 inch "Chaos" brand
14-153717/23/2014 0948 hrsResidential - VehicleXXX Woodlawn Ave.Dewalt tool bag #DG-5528; Occidental Tool Belt #8585; Dewalt Drywall Screwgun #DW272; Dewalt 20 V cordless kit DCK280C2; Dewalt impact bit kit DW2149; other miscellaneous tools
14-152697/22/2014 1358 hrsResidential - VehicleXX South St.Kevlar army helmet & tactical vest
14-152647/22/2014 1205 hrsResidentialX Burt Ave.Savage 24J-DL .22 Mag/20 Gauge Over Under; Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 7.5 mm; Marine combat knife and case; Powerline BB gun, model G93
14-151737/21/2014 1405 hrsResidentialXXX Seymour St.77 uncirculated US state quarters
14-150077/19/2014 1127 hrsResidentialXX Wall St.Xbox 360 with controller, serial # X11-40710
14-147307/15/2014 1328 hrsResidentialXX Quill Ave.Playstation 3 with Ser# AC557255717
14-144807/12/2014 0857 hrsResidentialXXX State St.Forest Green/Silver Next bicycle with a Harley Davidson tool bag between the handle bars
14-138907/05/2014 0818 hrsResidentialXX John St.Black Dell Inspiron Laptop
14-138077/04/2014 1130 hrsResidentialXX Wall St.Jazzy motorized wheelchair red in color
14-136897/02/2014 2339 hrsResidentialX Lawton Ave.Magnavox V series 50" LED TV / Mod #50ME313VIF7 / Ser #DS3A1402100169
14-136377/02/2014 1201 hrsResidentialXXX Franklin St.John Deere grass trimmer - XJ600
14-135357/01/2014 0712 hrsResidentialXX Quill Ave.Blue mountain bike with gray paint splatter. Bike stuck in one gear and left brake sticks
14-130766/25/2014 2042 hrsResidentialXX Arterial West40" Toshiba flat screen TV
14-129906/24/2014 1407 hrsResidentialX Grover St.a red and white 20" Diamondback with "Wild Ridder" written on front handlebars
14-129846/24/2014 1136 hrsResidentialX Schwartz Dr.GT Vermont Mountain Bike, color gray, with a bike rack on the back of it, thin tires
14-128836/23/2014 1056 hrsResidentialXXX Seymour St.Roadmaster bike - red, white and blue
14-124906/18/2014 0928 hrsResidentialXX Thornton Ave.TV - "Amatron True Flat"
14-122256/15/2014 1130 hrsResidentialXX Mattie St.Mikita Hammer drill and impact driver set with case and charger
14-120656/13/2014 1137 hrsResidentialX Pearce Ave.Silver framed Sanyo or Samsung DVD / VCR combo television
14-119906/12/2014 1442 hrsCommercialLincoln St. / South St.Black colored Kensen backpack
14-119796/12/2014 1250 hrsResidentialXX Nelson St.55" Samsung LED television (serial # 3300053137); 60" Mitsubishi DOP television (serial # 2600645668); 26" Sonya LCD television; 22" Emerson television; Toshiba Lap top 17 " screen computer; (2) Xbox One game system with Connect and charging stations - and 4 game controllers
14-118856/11/2014 1346 hrsCommercialX Loop Rd.Huffy 26" mountain bicycle (had a blk canvass bag attached to frame)
14-115726/07/2014 2154 hrsResidentialXX Pulaski St.Bicycle - red with black lettering, with a star on the seat and a skull decal on the chain guard
14-115356/07/2014 1221 hrsResidentialXXX Curtis Pl.Tom Cat BMX Style Bike, pegs on rear, no serial # known
14-109876/01/2014 1654 hrsResidentialXXX Owasco St.(3) Gold wedding bands; Gold wedding band that possibly has the initials CB and MAM engraved inside; 16" and 18" pearl necklaces; Dual gold wedding band and a gold engagement ring inbetween. Engagement ring contains 3 diamonds and 2 rubies; engagement ring with a sindle diamond set; collector coin set
14-107015/29/2014 1655 hrsResidential - VehicleXXX Owasco St.Canon EOS Rebel camera with 52/55 mm lens, carry bag and multi port car adapter
14-106325/28/2014 1936 hrsResidentialXX Prospect St."Gant" black 30 speed triathalon bicycle
14-106275/28/2014 1751 hrsResidentialX Loop Rd.Blue Huffy girls bicycle (no rear brakes)
14-099095/20/2014 1023 hrsResidentialXX Barber St.Boy's Mongoose 20" bike - gray with front and rear pegs, serial # SNFSD138T1672
14-095345/15/2014 2128 hrsCommercialXXX Grant Ave.Black Samsung Galaxy S4 phone; White Iphone 4S
14-095305/15/2014 2028 hrsCommericalXXX Grant Ave.Jimmy Choo brand purse; rust colored Egyptian wallet; Jennifer Lopez brand wallet, black and gold
14-094815/15/2014 1123 hrsResidentialX West St.White Ipod touch 4
14-094625/15/2014 0716 hrsResidentialXXX S. Seward Ave.Silver/white Ipod touch 3G, serial # 1A0017NM6K2; GPS - Garmin Nuvi 2555LMT s/n 34D102299
14-093425/13/2014 2250 hrsResidentialXX Osborne St.24" Vizio flat screen Smart TV; (2) Nexus tablets with 7' screens
14-093045/13/2014 1217 hrsResidentialXX Orchard St.(2) 10" STX speakers
14-091005/10/2014 2325 hrsCommericalX Loop Rd.Mongoose BMX bicycle gold colored- pegs in front and back
14-090805/10/2014 1439 hrsResidentialXX Orchard St.(2) hedge trimmers; shovel; rake; 100' power cords; weed eater; (3) fishing poles; Coleman lantern;
14-090705/10/2014 0938 hrsResidentialXXX Osborne St.Gateway brand netbooks
14-087375/06/2014 1051 hrsResidentialXX Burt Ave.19" Black Phillips flat screen television
14-083975/01/2014 2057 hrsCommericalXXX Grant Ave.Vera Bradley black white and blue print quilted fabric purse.
14-083154/30/2014 2026 hrsResidentialXX Orchard St.Blue/red/yellow inflatable water slide/pool; Roof rake; Window air conditioning unit unknown brand
14-081174/28/2014 0853 hrsResidentialXXX E. Genesee St.Girl's twenty inch all pink pink with girl stickers on the bike. The bike has pink rims with white wheels
14-079044/24/2014 1551 hrsCommercialXXX State St.Approx 100 feet of 4/0 copper wire andmetal fencing cut from NYSEG sub station
14-078804/24/2014 0956 hrsResidentialXX Quill Ave.24 inch 1 speed bicycle.The bike is yellow with pink accents and it has a white wide seat and wide handlebars
14-077284/22/2014 1100 hrsResidentialXXX S. Seward Ave.Diamondback Clarity hybrid bicycle, serial # 4/1YKZ7313 with #206 on seat post. Bike is blue with white seat.
14-077264/22/2014 1042 hrsResidentialXX Olympia Ave.Medical supplies - one set of compression sleeves, socks and gloves
14-076584/21/2014 1256 hrsCommericalXXX Grant Ave.Air Max Torch white leather sneakers, size 9
14-076004/20/2014 1717 hrsResidentialXX Seminary St.2 Nabi tablets (one with a blue bumper and one with a red bumper), a pair of girl's size 10 Air Jordan sneakers; purple Revlon hair straightener; a blue Conair hair straightener
14-075564/19/2014 2225 hrsResidentialXX Genesee St.ASUS brand laptop
14-069374/10/2014 2346 hrsResidential - VehicleXXX Genesee St.Kenwood amplifier; 12" Subwoofer; Tacklebox, contained fishing tools and 2 knives; Toolbox
14-067114/04/2014 1531 hrsCommercialXXX Genesee St.Pair of Air Jordan sneakers, color white, purple, and blue. Size 10
14-064394/03/2014 1455 hrsCommericalXXX North St.Stihl weed eater; hedge attachment; pruner; hedge trimmer
14-063874/02/2014 1838 hrsResidentialXXX Bluefield Rd.Gold wedding band, gold band w/3 birthstones, gold watch
14-063864/02/2014 1826 hrsCommercialXXX Genesee St.3/4" gold chain link bracelet with Sicily medal; gold earrings with blue (dime size) stone; gold wedding band w/ inscription inside (Josephine + Gaetano); gold ring with oval diamond and several smaller diamonds; silver necklace with Holy Spirit pendant; gold ring with red stone
14-063564/02/2014 1104 hrsCommercialXXX Grant Ave.LG G2 cellular phone (black), serial # IMEI013695002252544
14-063134/01/2014 1952 hrsResidentialXX Genesee St.HP 17 inch laptop
14-059863/27/2014 1850 hrsResidentialX Pearce Ave.(6) Pella Thermostar windows 28x54
14-058983/26/2014 1824 hrsResidentialX Grover St.(1) Spa collection fabric shower curtain
14-057043/23/2014 1801 hrsCommerical - VehicleXX Genesee St.Esteban brand guitar Acoustic/Electric with a black strap and hard case.
14-052323/17/2014 1245 hrsResidentialXX Easterly Ave.Honda 3000I generator; Craftsman cordless drill; tool box containing miscellanous hand tools
14-046603/10/2014 1557 hrsResidentialXX Quill Ave.2011 blue and silver Fuji brand bicycle
14-0455403/08/2014 2012 hrsResidentialXX Wall St.26" Emerson Flat Screen TV model number LD260EN2 with built in DVD player, serial # 2D52A14828
14-039622/27/2014 1710 hrsResidential - VehicleXX Elizabeth St.ASP baton; PR-24 Baton; Zippo Lighter
14-039442/27/2014 1023 hrsResidential - VehicleX Woodruff Pl.MagLite; Greber multi tool; Bluetooth headset
14-039402/27/2014 0952 hrsResidential - VehicleXX Mattie St.Garmin GPS C340
14-037502/24/2014 1451 hrsResidential - VehicleX McConnell Ave.(2) Sony brand red speakers and (1) silver and black sub woofer
14-027892/10/2014 1152 hrsCommericalXXX Grant Ave.Vera Bradley wallet
14-022832/01/2014 2234 hrsResidentialXXX Ross Pl.10" G Tablet, unknown serial number
14-022752/01/2014 1932 hrsResidentialXX Washington St.Brown and white Mongoose small free style bike
14-016611/23/2014 1301 hrsResidentialXXX Washington St.Dewalt 20v cordless drill/driver w/ charger and two batteries all together in a case
14-010991/16/2014 0759 hrsResidential - VehicleXX Hamilton Ave.Vera Bradley purse and matching wallet. Both have a yellow, white and black floral pattern
14-008851/13/2014 1550 hrsResidential - VehicleXX Kearney Ave.Garmin GPS; Android phone charger
14-008641/13/2014 1133 hrsResidential - VehicleXX Fleming St.Black Phillips brand portable DVD player (2 screens)
14-008491/13/2014 0716 hrsResidential - VehicleXX Locust St.Oscilatting saw; Dewalt 20v cordless hammer drill; Casino and cruise line "comp" cards
14-007401/11/2014 1003 hrsResidential - VehicleXX Quill Ave.Black wallet with red and green circles
14-005451/09/2014 0004 hrsResidential - VehicleX Briggs Dr.Pair of Oakley Holbreck sunglasses
14-004751/07/2014 2107 hrsCommercialXXX Genesee St.Black Coach wallet; Gold necklace (diamond pendant)
14-004151/06/2014 1920 hrsCommericalXXX Franklin St.white Samsung Galaxy 3 Tablet Model SM-T210RZWSXAR, serial # RF2D80XQQ1Y